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All services are offered virtually, designed to be affordable and safe in today’s new world.
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Strategic Thinking
Marketing Audit
Perceptions Audit
Marketing Planning Retreat
Marketing Action Plan
Sales Training
The Soiree Experience

Strategic Thinking

Propel’s strategy creation and implementation platform guides your organization to develop a future picture. Propel takes your key stakeholders through a process, using current business concepts, to overcome challenges. Help your organization to move forward and thrive in the new reality. The outcome will be a consensus on strategy and direction.

Marketing Audit

Propel conducts a thorough review of your marketing plan, objectives, strategies and the current activities being executed in your organization. The goal is to see what’s working and what isn’t. An outside, third-party view of marketing provides an unbiased and knowledgeable approach to revive your marketing strategies. Propel provides a written report with recommendations for improvement.

Perceptions Audit

Propel conducts a perception audit which is a strategic marketing option that delivers value before and during a marketing campaign. Understanding the perceptions of key stakeholders, referral sources and prospects, provides you with a baseline against to measure future marketing efforts. Propel provides a written report of information gathered from the audit.

Marketing Planning Retreat

Propel is skilled at designing effective, virtual marketing planning retreats that effect positive change. Your team will be lead virtually through discussions and exercises to define your products & services, position in the marketplace, key messages, target audiences and to set forth action steps for implementation. Propel provides a written outline of a marketing plan as an outcome of the retreat.

Marketing Action Plan

Propel develops a written marketing plan, unique to your organization, which is a strategic roadmap to organize, execute and monitor marketing during a period of time. Propel will provide the marketing plan in an easy-to-implement format that your team can follow to achieve results.

Sales Training

Propel’s sales training is specific to the needs of senior living. It teaches sales staff the key elements of understanding the customer, identifying the buying desires and needs, conducting ethical sales techniques, and the processes to succeed resulting in move-ins to senior living. Propel conducts the sales training virtually and provides workbooks for all sales staff to use in their ongoing sales roles.

The Soiree Experience

Propel has designed The Soiree Experience to engage your key prospects in a marketing event that meets today’s need for safety. The Soiree Experience is a one-of-a-kind virtual event that combines wine, music and food, in the privacy of the person’s own home. It can be branded for your organization and is ready to deliver.

We Promise
and Deliver

Count on Propel to deliver what is promised. Our services are based on decades of experience crafting effective strategies and products which adapt to changing environments. During recent time of uncertainty, the organizations that are nimble, strategic-minded, and willing to look to the future, are those that will thrive.

Propel’s services are an excellent mix of strategy, innovation, planning and execution. You can expect us to surpass expectations.
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